best shampoo and conditioner for tangled hair

Best Shampoo and Conditioner for Tangled Hair

In this article, we will be discussing the best shampoo and conditioner for tangled hair. Whether you’re wearing a king hair or short hair, African hair, a curly or dry hair, you definitely need this.

This is because tangled hair is a problem that affects many people irrespective of the kind of hair they are wearing. Though it is more common in people with damaged, curly, or dry hair. 

In this post, we will be discussing all issues that have to do with tangled hair, from their causes, to how to avoid them, and finally, the best shampoo and conditioner for tangled hair

It makes it easy for the brush or comb to slip through your hair so you can brush your hair easily. And that’s not all, detanglers also help in conditioning your hair as well as leaving your hair smooth and shiny.


The Causes Tangled Hair


Before we dive into the best shampoo and conditioner for tangled hair, let’s first briefly look into some of the causes of hair tangling and how to avoid them.

Hair tangles occur when the hair cuticle is damaged. The cuticle refers to the outer layer of your hair. When it is exposed, the cuticles block each other and the hair strands wrap around each other to form knots.

When many of these strands get intertwined, the knots become bigger making it difficult to separate them. Although tangling is natural, some factors accelerate or make it worse.

They include:


Hair loss:


We shed hair regularly as part of the natural hair life cycle. Once this hair is shed, it is supposed to automatically fall off the scalp as is the case with smooth and straight hair.

Unfortunately, damaged or textured hair does not fall off automatically. It gets trapped by other strands, and as a result, it ends up forming knots.




Tangling can also happen when you rub your hair using towels, pillowcases, clothing, or bedding. This causes friction and friction is a perfect recipe for tangling. That is why people wake up with tangled hair in the morning.


Failure to moisturize:


When your hair is not moisturized, it creates friction between the strands, which leads to tangling. Dry hair is also rough and breaks easily giving it that damaged look.


Sleeping with wet  or open hair:


Wet hair is very fragile and that is why you should avoid sleeping with wet hair. When your hair is wet, it becomes frizzy which may lead to serious tangling. To avoid this, ensure you tie your hair into a ponytail or braid it before bed.


Not brushing or combing;


Failure to brush or comb your hair regularly creates kinks and leads to the accumulation of residue that can be damaging to the hair.

Detangling Shampoos; the major solution to tangled hair.

Whether your hair is short or long, straight or curly, chemically straightened, or natural, you’ve probably had to deal with knots are the best shampoo and conditioner for tangled hair.


Matrix Total Results Mega Sleek Shampoo


With its superior products, Matrix is one of the leading companies when it comes to hair care. And this Mega Sleek Shampoo is your best partner in your quest for smooth, untangled hair.

It’ll not only clean off the residue from your hair but will also eliminate frizz leaving you with silky soft hair even in high humidity. The shampoo contains Shea butter that helps to manage unruly hair for that smooth and shiny look.

Shea butter also seals cuticles and therefore prevents tangling. You end up with hair that is five times smoother. This product will work well on damaged hair and is also suitable for color-treated and natural hair.

It has a light formula that not only cleans but also moisturizes your hair. The major downside to it is that it can weigh down fine hair.


Oribe Priming Lotion Leave-In Conditioning Detangler


The Oribe Priming Lotion Leave-In Conditioning Detangler is not just your ordinary conditioner. It works as a complete regimen for your hair that instantly detangles knots to prevent hair breakage and ease combing.

It also contains a hydrating formula, which contains mango seed butter and cupuacu, to add smoothness and moisture to your hair.

This Leave-In Conditioner/Detangler for tangled hair and curly hair likewise contains avocado oil, which is rich in vitamins A, B, D, and E, known to nourish natural hair and locks in moisture.

Some people don’t like the “overpowering” scent, although others reviewed that they like the scent.


Shea Moisture Detangling Shampoo for Dry Hair Red Palm Oil & Cocoa Butter Shea Butter


Shea Moisture Detangling Shampoo is specifically targeted for people not just with tangled hair, but also those with dry hair. It is blended with Cocoa Butter and Red Palm Oil to give that elongated curl that shine and softness it needs.

What I specifically like about this product (Shea Moisture Red Palm Oil and Cocoa Butter Detangling Shampoo) is that it is formulated with no sulfates, no silicone, no parabens, no petroleum, or mineral oil, and no phthalates. This is considered to be an anti-shrinkage hydrating shampoo for dry and damaged hair.

It can detangle even oily hair and tight curls and makes your hair soft. It also contains vitamins and antioxidants.

It may not be as much effective for those with low porosity hair (the structure of the hair does not easily allow moisture to be absorbed into the hair shaft).


L’Oreal Paris Elvive Dream Lengths Restoring Shampoo


The L’Oreal Paris Elvive Dream Lengths Restoring Shampoo, I think, needs no further introduction. It is just so popular that I have to include it in the list of the best shampoo for tangled or damaged hair.

It is formulated with fine castor oil, known to enrich the scalp that also improve hair growth. This product is also paraben-free.

It adds shine, and repairs damage without weighing your hair down. Shampoo this on wet hair and best when paired with a leave-in conditioner.

It works well for those with tangled, damaged, or dry hair and is good for those with fine hair/ curly hair, or just any hair type. It also has that sweet candy fragrance with notes of milk sorbet, caramel orchid, and pomegranate.

Very few users said it lt makes their hair hard to flat iron, although it does make the hair soft while others find the scent strong.


Creme of Nature Professional Detangling and Conditioning Shampoo


The Cream of Nature professional detangling and conditioning shampoo contains natural ingredients such as sunflower and coconut oil. These help in nourishing your mains while making the process of detangling easier.

Coconut is one of the most popular natural moisturizers that has been used for maintaining your hair.

It also helps in treating scalp irritations such as itchy, flaky, dry scalp and dandruff. It also helps in combatting the breakage caused during detangling as it helps in strengthening your strands.

Sunflower is packed with olein and linoleic acid which stimulates hair growth and prevents breakage. I liked that this product also helps in minimizing scalp irritations.

This formula is suited for normal hair and nourishes your hair to make it smooth and shiny. Its major setback was the presence of SLS in the substance.


The Mane Choice Easy on the Curls


If you are a curly-haired girl looking for something to tame your tangles, this shampoo is a great option.

It is specifically made for curly hair and it makes your hair soft and shiny while facilitating smooth detangling.

This shampoo is infused with the goodness of biotin and vitamin E. Biotin is one of the most important nutrients for the hair.

It is also known as vitamin B7 and it helps in encouraging hair growth. Vitamin E is essential for healthy hair and scalp.

You can cut your hair washing days into half with the help of this shampoo. It guarantees to cut wash days in half, melt away knots and tangles and instantly hydrate and nourish your hair.

I also liked that this shampoo is free of sulfates, parabens, mineral oil, and petrolatum.

It Contains Biotin and Vitamin E, it also cuts wash days in half and it’s Sulphate and Paraben free. It helps remove build-up on your hair.

The major disadvantage is that it might not be so suitable for straight hair and may end up drying out your hair.


Design Essentials Honey Creme  Super Detangling Conditioning Shampoo


This Design Essentials Honey Creme  Super Detangling Conditioning Shampoo is primarily marketed to those with dry hair. Yet, it also works well for tangled hair. It leaves hair hydrated and is alcohol-free.

There is no non-stripping formula in this product but instead is gentle for easy detangling without frequent usage of a detangling brush. And since it is made with Honey Creme, it promotes healthy hair growth, overall shine, and increased manageability for those with frizzy hair.

It works well for all hair types and contains honey crème that makes it nourishing and moisturizing. It has a thick consistency so you don’t have to use it a lot and it also glides through hair easily.

Its major downside is that it is not a sulfate-free shampoo, which so many people find to be problematic.


What to Look for When Buying the Best Shampoo and Conditioner For Tangled Hair


Now, before you pick whatever you think is the best shampoo and conditioner for tangled hair, here are some things you have to consider:


Moisturizing Properties:


Look for a shampoo or conditioner that contains plant protein, niacinamide, and other hydrating ingredients for natural hair, like honey, coconut oil, avocado oil, argan oil, olive oil, Glycerin (binds water together), Aloe Vera, and Shea Butter.

Any of these optimizes the moisture balance of hair




Why do some people prefer to use shampoo, conditioner, or leave-in conditioners that are fragrance-free, I think scents still define successful haircare brands. This is because hair care or washing your hair is a multi-sensory experience.

Some contain argan oil, vanilla milk extracts, sandalwood, jasmine, coconut oil, aloe vera, leaf juice, bergamot, and sandalwood in subtle scents that keep your smooth hair smelling good.




Paraben is used to preserve the shelf life of many hair care products. Parabens (preservative) prevents the growth of fungus and bacteria in shampoo, but it is best to opt for paraben-free options.

This is because some types of paraben have been shown to be harsh on hair and scalp and others may exacerbate skin conditions.




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The best shampoo and conditioner for tangled hair which we’ve discussed in this article could be the solution to dealing with tangled hair.

The ingredients contained in these products can help in dealing with tangles, as well as helping to generally manage unruly hair.

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