how to grow natural african hair fast

How to Grow Natural African Hair Fast [2022]

In this article, we will be giving you the best tips on how to grow natural African hair fast. As y’all know already, when it comes to hair growth, African hair is not really the fastest natural growing hair.


This is due to the texture and pattern of the hair. The texture and pattern of one’s hair go a long way to determining the hair growth speed.

Natural hair looks breath-taking at any length. Whether you’re newly transitioning or you just made the big chop, making your curls work for you is the most important thing.


how to grow natural african hair fast


You could be on a mission to have the longest, healthiest natural hair you’ve ever had. We fully support that, too. You know that saying, patience is a virtue, that’s applicable to many areas of your life, including your hair growth process.


How to Make Natural African American Hair Grow Faster


Much like the idea of working out and yearning to see results on your body, growing out your natural hair fast requires consistent effort. It won’t happen in the blink of an eye, but there are tried-and-true ways to speed up your strands’ growth cycle.

Using the tips given below in this article on how to grow natural African hair fast, we will be giving you the best ways to achieve optimal results.


Consult With an Expert


There are so many hair experts out there in the world today, they are well experienced in the topic of how to grow natural African hair fast.

Kendall Dorsey is a bi-coastal celebrity hairstylist and Oribe Hair Care educator. He has over 15 years in the beauty industry, Kendall’s work has been seen in the pages of Allure, New York Magazine, and Vogue.

That’s to say being a haircare/stylist consultant is a booming business in the world market. A hair care consultant will come a long way in giving you the best advice on how to grow natural African hair fast.


Your Hair Texture & Pattern Matters a Lot


When your hair is super kinky, oils  (meaning your strands have a lot of bends/turns, draws up and tangles easily), then it can be more difficult to grow your hair longer.

This does not mean long hair is unattainable.  It just means that it may require more attention than someone with a looser pattern.

When your hair is very kinky, oils from your scalp do not travel down the strands as easily.  As a result, your hair may be dry, more brittle, and prone to breakage.

Now you understand why you have trouble retaining length. So the key is taking extra time to ensure your hair is properly moisturized and wearing a lot more protective or low-manipulation styles (rod sets, straw sets, etc).

I don’t want to create unnecessary division by mentioning hair texture because I know this is often a touchy subject in our community. However, your hair’s texture and curl pattern definitely play a role in length retention because it affects your hair’s natural moisture level.

Hair that retains moisture, has more elasticity, breaks less, and retains more length.  Dry hair is more brittle, breaks off easily, and prevents you from retaining length.

Some people say that kinky hair is stronger because it’s more course, but it’s actually the exact opposite.  Our hair is more fragile than naturally straight or curly hair because of the moisture issues mentioned above.


Get Regular Trims


This might feel like you’re adding insult to injury, but trust your hair will sprout in the long run. I know cutting your hair seems like the last thing you want to do when you’re trying to grow your hair out, but split ends eventually turn into fully broken strands.

If you ask any expert for tips on how to grow natural African hair fast, be rest assured that getting regular trims will be one of them, as it plays a very vital role in your hair growth cycle.


Make Use Tools That Don’t Use Excessive Heat


When you are going for a look that you know your hot tool will deliver, it’s so hard to put it down. We get it; we’ve been addicted to hot tools before, which results in extreme heat damage that can take years to recover from.

But in order to speed up your hair’s growth process, it’s incredibly crucial to dial down on your hot tool usage and hide them if you need to (a trick of ours that works).

Yes, it’s hard to just let your hair be, but excessive heat can and will cause damage and breakage. If possible, give yourself some days where you just air-dry.

Alternatively, you can look for tools that can style your hair without excess heat, like a diffuser.


Use of Products That Promote Hair Growth


Certain ingredients found in hair products may stifle your growth process. It’s recommended that use shampoos and conditioners that are SLS-, SLES-, paraben-, and silicone-free. These all add a build-up to the hair by weighing it down and not allowing it to grow to its full potential.

The truth is, healthy hair starts at the scalp. So, scalp treatments need to become your strands’ best friend.

The scalp treatment works to fight the FGF5 protein, which causes hair loss, it creates a happy, healthy scalp and follicle environment, which amps up hair growth.


Watch your Diet and Health


Your body is interconnected in so many ways. What you put inside your body can affect things on the outside, including your hair.

To really amp up your hair growth to its max capabilities, you have to first ensure you’re taking care of yourself on the inside. Serious stress, being sick, and extreme diets can all lead to hair loss.

I always like to promote overall wellness as a key to hair growth. Make sure you’re working out not only to keep your body looking right but also to keep your mind right and your stress levels down.

Exercise also boosts your metabolism, which speeds up hair growth. Food plays a major part in hair growth as well. Ensure to eat a balanced diet rich in omegas, iron, zinc, and vitamins, especially vitamins B and E.

If you don’t feel like you’re getting enough via food, add a supplement or multivitamin into your daily routine. I also like to look for a supplement that includes biotin. We go into detail about why this works wonders for hair growth.

Get a whopping 2000 micrograms of biotin in two tablets of Country Life Maxi Hair, to help nourish your hair, nails, and skin (with the okay from your doctor, of course).


Wear Low-Maintenance, Protective Hairstyles That Don’t Require Heat


Protective styles for natural hair require absolutely no heat and minimal upkeep. Usually, the go-to protective style for growing out your natural hair is braided. If done incorrectly, those can cause more harm than good to your growth process.

Many times, all the tight pulling and manipulation causes excess stress on the scalp, which is a major issue when trying to grow your hair out

A loose braid is advisable, it protects a lot of the hair from environmental elements and doesn’t pull too tightly. An easy wash-and-gos or twists is also a great option. Any one of these styles will help keep your hair in the best shape possible and encourage hair growth.


Causes of slow Hair Growth


The are many reasons your hair may be growing very slowly or not at all, including hormone imbalance, age, and genetics. You will likely see a range from one-quarter of an inch to half an inch of hair growth each month.

Frizz, dry to the touch, breaks easily, and dull appearance is just a few signs that your hair may be damaged. Don’t beat yourself up too much, this can be easily fixed by following the tips which we have discussed in this article on how to grow natural African hair fast.


How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?


How often you should wash your depends highly on the quality of your hair. That is depending on how long your hair can stay moist after applying oils, or creams to your hair.

If you have an oily scalp, you may need to wash it every day. On the other hand, if you have a dry scalp, your hair may only need to be washed a few times per week.


Vitamins & Supplements


Our final tip in this article on how to grow natural African hair fast is the use of vitamins and supplements to encourage healthy hair growth.

Vitamins for afro hair growth is a topic that has been debated for a long time. Some people live by them and see results quickly, whereas others don’t like the idea and say your normal diet is just fine.

There are plenty of hair growth vitamins and Biotin is the one that stands out for black hair. It is part of the Vitamin B family and is required for strong healthy nails and hair.

People with a Vitamin B deficiency often have thin hair and brittle nails although this is very rare. The vitamin is naturally occurring in foods such as eggs, almonds, and some seeds.

You can get biotin supplements in three forms, soft gels, tablets, and liquid. The liquid biotin is popular because it allows you to control the dosage more easily, which brings me to the negatives.

Lots of people have complained that it gives them bad skin/ acne although want to keep using it because it helps their hair grow faster, so they follow these rules;

Start with a low dosage and if you start getting acne, lower the dosage even more.

Drink a LOT lots of water. Many people said this helped them. Set a goal to drink so many liters a day and make sure you reach it.

Take a multivitamin containing other members of the vitamin B family. These are said to help your body break Biotin down more easily.

There is little scientific evidence that Biotin actually works and as I have said there are conflicting views on the supplement.




In conclusion, put in the work and trust that your hair growth cycle will work in your favor.

The average hair growth cycle is about six or seven years. This gives you a lot of time to take care of the strands on your head before they fall out following the tips we’ve given in this article on how to grow natural African hair fast.

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