how to grow natural black hair without chemicals

How to Grow Natural Black Hair without Chemicals

If you want to grow your hair longer, you can simply treat it with some chemicals and wait for your hair to grow longer than ever. However, this technique isn’t recommended for people who hate the side effects of chemical products on their hair.

If you need long and natural hair without using any carcinogens or unnatural chemicals, you’re in for a task. A fact you should know along the way is that the available alternatives are simple, but not very easy.


In this article, I’ll break down the ways to grow natural black hair without using chemicals. You’ll also learn some tips to help care for your hair after growing them to avoid hair fall.


How to Grow Natural Black Hair Without Chemicals


As hinted by the introduction, this article will be in two main parts: a part outlining how to grow your hair after going natural, and another outlining how to care for your hair after growing them. As you already know, this section will only deal with growing your hair.

You may have read some hair growth tips across the internet, but you’ll have to unlearn most of those to grow your black hair naturally. Here are some of the genuine ways to grow your natural black hair without using any chemicals.


how to grow natural black hair without chemicals


Stop Treating Your Hair With Chemicals


This may sound like a no-brainer, but it’s worth mentioning, as it’s the main focal point of growing natural hair. If you continue to style your hair with chemicals, you’re not making a change to your artificial hair routine, making the entire process baseless.

Transitioning to natural hair may sound difficult, but it becomes easier once you set your heart to it. There are many processes to help transition from chemically altered hair to full natural hair without feeling much of a difference.

You can start by cutting off the parts of your hair that you’ve altered with chemicals. There is no way to naturalize your chemically altered tresses. Your new hair will grow like natural hair, but your straightened locks will remain straightened, regardless of how natural you go.

Admittedly, cutting your hair will disfigure your overall look, but you can still mitigate that. Consider wearing a weave or installing hair extensions after cutting your hair until it grows out again. That way, you can give room for natural tresses without sacrificing your look.


Understand The Impact of Genetics


Before moving on to the next step, it’s important to understand the role of genetics in the entire process and how it impacts your hair growth. Simply put, your hair can only grow as long as that of the average lady in your family, especially when you’ve decided to go natural.

Watch out for any patterns in the average hair length of women in your family. If you have many ladies with long hair around, there’s a pretty good chance that your hair will grow quite long too. Otherwise, the reverse will also be the case.

Many other factors contribute to the growth of your hair, but genetics is especially important when going natural. Since long hair isn’t objectively better than short hair, this isn’t a problem.


Try Natural Hair Growth Products


Going natural doesn’t forbid you from trying hair growth products, as long as they’re natural. While hair growth products won’t increase the rate of hair growth phenomenally, they’ll put your hair in the best conditions for growth.

Some natural hair growth products to try to include moisturizing gels, defining creams, enhancing creams, etc. Styling your hair with these hair care products will increase the rate of your hair growth without removing its “natural” status.

When choosing hair growth products, however, you should know that your options are pretty limited. Make any mistakes and you may have to cut off your tresses to restart your natural hair growth journey all over again.



How to Maintain Natural Black Hair without Chemicals


Growing natural hair isn’t an easy task, but it’s very much doable. While it’s doable, it’s also very undoable, as the extensive use of chemical products will revoke the natural status of your natural black hair.

To avoid that scary scenario, here are some of the ways to maintain your natural black hair without having to resort to the use of chemical products.


Avoid the Use of Heat-Based Styling Tools


Before going natural, you may be used to getting your way using heat. Blow dryers are usually the order of the day, and straightening irons aren’t big deals. If you’re going natural, however, most of those practices will have to stop.

If you’re making the jump from chemically-enhanced tresses to natural hair, you may want to cut off, or at least limit the use of heat tools to avoid wrecking your hair. Using a heat-based tool three times a month is already getting excessive, and you shouldn’t try high heat settings.


Avoid Combing Dry Hair


After deciding to go natural, you should generally avoid combing your hair unless it’s wet. Natural black hair can be prone to breakage when it’s dry, hence, the advice to refrain from combing.

However, it’s also important to note that combing wet hair doesn’t automatically make you immune from hair breakage. For the best results, you should generally refrain from combing your hair with a narrow-toothed comb to avoid pulling hard on minute knots.

Also, you should comb your hair slowly from the tips and work your way up to the roots. Going the other direction will pull on your tresses so hard that you’ll change your mind about going natural.




Growing black hair isn’t much of a challenge, but growing it naturally can be pretty burdening. Unless you’re seeking professional help, the process can look ineffective and unproductive.

This article will put you on the right track when you decide to grow naturally. Firstly, I outlined the ways to grow your hair naturally without chemicals, and then I listed some of the ways to care for your new natural tresses.

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