how to stop puffy hair for guys

How To Stop Puffy Hair For Guys – DIY

In this article, we will be discussing the topic, of how to stop puffy hair for guys. This has become widely sorted out information in the black hair community. As y’all quite know, not everyone is keen on having their hair looking puffy all the time.

But it is really important that you find the right product or method for yourself that can fix your puffy hair.

Being a guy, it would be easy to get a haircut rather than fixing the puffy hair but why not try to maintain and manage the hair, who knows it can be the best decision of your life regarding your hairstyle.


how to stop puffy hair for guys


Keeping reading this article to know more about puffy hair and how to stop puffy hair for guys;


Causes Men’s Puffy Hair


Anyone with long hair knows how annoying frizz can be. Before we dive into explaining to you how to stop puffy hair for guys, let’s first start off by discussing some of the causes of puffy hair.

There’s nothing quite like the frustration of seeing little fuzzy and puffy flyways peek out of your head when you’re trying to make your hair look cool and sleek.

But what causes frizz in the first place? In a nutshell, dryness and damage are the main causes of frizz. Having dry, brittle locks that aren’t cared for properly will lead to lifted cuticles.

These lifted cuticles are rough, as opposed to smooth, sealed cuticles. This contributes to how frizzy your hair can get. That said, other elements can make the puffiness worse when combined with dryness.

For example, humid weather can amplify frizz in dry hair. That’s because your locks will try to absorb all the hydration in the air, making your hair puff up and swell with frizz.

You also have to look out for things that will make your hair even drier, like shampooing too often with harsh shampoos or swimming in chlorinated pools.

Friction is another thing you want to avoid if you want to get rid of frizzy locks. Simple things like wearing a beanie that is too tight or aggressively drying your hair with your favorite towel can create frizz.

I know that’s way too many things to look out for, and most of them aren’t even in your control.


Tips to Help in Fixing the Puffy Hair


  1. Try washing your hair in cold water as it can be suitable for the texture of your hair. You can enjoy your warm shower but when it comes down to rinsing it would be suitable to rinse your hair with cold water.
  2. Make sure you find the products that are suitable for your hair type. You can try different shampoos and see what works best for you.
  3. It is important for you to keep in mind that what works for one person might not be a viable option for you.
  4. Try using the leave-in conditioner. Again, do thorough research before you get one. It would be a good idea to get a suitable conditioner that would suit you. Try it and see the difference as it might help in fixing the issue.
  5. Use the right brush or comb when you detangle your hair as you don’t want to damage your precious locks.
  6. Ask your hairstylist for suitable hair treatment. Nowadays, there are many hair treatments that can help you in managing your hair. Just make sure that you are getting the ones that are the safest. Don’t go for the ones that can damage your hair.

So if you are a guy with puffy hair, it would be a good idea to find a salon near you or maybe opt for your favorite salon and look for hair services. You might come across some amazing treatments that can help you.

If you thoroughly follow the above-listed tips on how to stop puffy hair for guys, you definitely have an excellent chance of fixing your puffy hair.


How To Prevent Curly Hair From Getting Puffy?


If you have curly hair and think, “how to prevent curly hair from getting puffy?” then you might be using the products that are taking away the moisture from your hair.

It could be possible that you are washing your hair with shampoo quite a lot! It’s not ideal to wash your hair with shampoo every single day especially if it doesn’t suit your hair.

You have to be wise when it comes to managing your curly hair. You should take the necessary precautions that can help in preventing the curly hair from getting puffy.

It is important that you are taking a shower at the right water temperature. The water should not be too hot.

In fact, it would be suitable to take a shower in cold water. You have to use products that are suitable for curly hair.

Plus, when you go out shopping or when you go to the grocery store it would be best that you look for the products that are designed specifically for your hair type.

If you are confused about what kind of hair product to buy, it would be a good idea to ask your hairstylist for more information.

You can even select a salon treatment that would be suitable for your hair. It would be a good idea to let your hairstylist decide about the treatment.

Make sure you see a variety of options and select the one you like the most. If you want, you can try a new haircut and ask your hairstylist for better recommendations.

You might find a hairstyle that can make your hair look less puffy. It is always best to do a quick research before trying anything new for the first time.

If you are finding a hairstylist make sure you do thorough research and if you are finding a product, again it would be best to research.


How to Make your Hair Less Puffy


If you think, “how do I make my hair less puffy?” then it would be a good idea that you talk to your stylist.

You never know what ideas, tips, and tricks your hairstylist can suggest based on your particular hair type.

There is tons of information available online in the form of articles and videos, but it is always better to take the recommendation from a professional. They might have the best suggestions for you.

Plus, in order to make your hair less puffy, it is important that you are taking care of them. Just use the right products to make your hair less puffy.

Use products that are hydrating to your hair and use the right shampoo. It’s important that you figure out the products that suit you best.

You can try different tips, tricks, or maybe salon treatments that make your hair less puffy but it would be best to do thorough research.


How Moisture Helps Puffy Hair


If you wonder, “how does moisture help puffy hair?” then it’s a good idea to try a moisturizing product such as a shampoo and see for yourself as in how it works.

You can also use a suitable conditioner especially for the tips of your hair since this area might be the driest.

Thus, it’s important that you are taking care of your hair to keep it in good shape. It also depends on how long your hair is.

Usually, guys keep the hair short as compared to girls. It would be best to keep the length of your hair in mind too.

You can look for ingredients like almond oil or maybe argan to see how it suits your hair. Applying a moisturizing style cream that suits your hair best can be a good idea as moisture helps in keeping hair in a better condition.

Using the right products or tips it would be possible to get great hair without the poof. Plus, it’s always a good idea to ask your barber what they have to offer.

They might have the best tips that you can’t even find online. Plus, you can also try olive oil in your hair and see if it suits you.

Or you can try coconut oil or almond oil as well. Plus, you can find many tips or remedies online that can help you in managing your hair.

Always test the remedies before trying it especially if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.


Good Hair Styles For Guys With Thick Puffy Hair


If you are thinking about what are the good hairstyles for guys with thick puffy hair? Then you might not be alone.

Luckily, it is easy to find inspiration in the era of modernization and information technology.

All you have to do is find the right stylist who would be able to give you the style of your dreams. There are many celebrities that have great.

Some tips that can help you find good hairstyles for thick puffy hair:

  1. Search for images using the right keyword, “thick puffy hair hairstyles” and from the list select what image you like most.
  2. Show that link/image to your hairstylist and ask them to suggest a hairstyle that would suit you.
  3. Trust your hairstylist since they have the expertise and would be able to give you a better decision.
  4. When you are selecting a hairstyle for yourself, make sure you keep your face cut and overall physique in mind.

Your hairstyle can change your overall look and can even give a new look to your personality. It is important that you make the right selection, as paying attention to this will help on how to stop puffy hair for guys.



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In conclusion, it is important that you are taking good care of your hair. Your hair defines your personality to some extent. Make sure you are investing in the right products and following the right tips and tricks, this is how to stop puffy hair for guys.

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