if you dye your hair and then go swimming what will happen

If You Dye Your Hair And Then Go Swimming What Will Happen? Find Out

If you dye your hair and then go swimming what will happen to the dyed hair? A lot of people make this mistake and realize their mistakes too late.

You just got your hair dyed, it’s not ready for chlorine or salt. This causes your hair color to fade. Thereby making your hair turn green if you don’t do anything about it. Chlorine does this with the chemicals from dying your hair.

Also swimming in the sea just after you’ve dyed your hair is not a smart thing to do. In combination with the sun’s rays, the salt in the water causes the new color in your hair to fade.

Luckily you can counter this as well as prevent it and we will be telling you how in this article on “if you dye your hair and then go swimming what will happen.

If you use the tips and information in this article on if you dye your hair and then go swimming what will happen, you will notice that you can enjoy your dyed hair much longer.


How Long Do You Have To Wait To Go Swimming After Dying Your Hair?


Y’all already know what happens if you dye your hair and then go swimming, the Chlorine in the pool water combines with the dye chemicals on your hair thereby causing it to fade and start turning green.

It is better to wait a minimum of three to four days before you go swimming after you dyed your hair. You should wait three to four days so that the pigments of the hair dye have more time to set in your hair.

This has everything to do with the chlorine that is in the pool water (assuming you would go swimming in a pool). Chlorine is a chemical that is placed in pool water to keep it clean and prevent bacteria from growing in the water.

All is well until you know that it not only kills bacteria but also kills your hair dye. I do not mean that literally, but chlorine oxidizes the pigment that gives your hair color. And when the process of oxidizing starts, the color in your hair will fade.


Effects of Swimming In The Ocean With Dyed Hair


You already know what happens to dyed hair in a pool, but what about the ocean, If you dye your hair and then go swimming what happens with your hair mixing up with the salt in the ocean.

Just like chlorine, ocean water does also ruins your hair color. This is because the salt water of the ocean in combination with ultraviolet rays will end up ruining your hair.

So you have to wait a couple of days before you go running into the ocean. You can however pre-soak your hair in clean water before you go into the ocean.

This trick helps because after you’ve done that, your hair will absorb less chlorine (for a pool) or saltwater (ocean). You can also rinse your hair after you’ve come out of the ocean.

This is not helpful if you just dyed your hair this afternoon because then your hair just isn’t ready for a swim. But this is a tip so that you can enjoy your colored hair longer.


Effects of Swimming In A Pool With Dyed Hair


Now that you know the effects of swimming with your fleshly dyed hair on an ocean, what about the pool, if you dye your hair and then go swimming what happens to your hair when it combines with the pool water.

Well, after 3 or 4 days you’re in the clear and you can just go and enjoy your swim, but swimming in the pool or ocean before the 3 to 4 days are over is asking for problems.

Because of the chlorine present in the pool, the pool would be clean of bacteria, but your hair will be affected by it in a way that you might just not like. Your hair will turn green when you swim a lot after a hair dye.

So unless it doesn’t bother you to have green hair, good if you need it for Halloween, but terrible if you just want to enjoy your new hair color, I would say to wait it out a couple of days before diving into the pool.


How Chlorine Affects Dyed Hair


Chlorine does affect your dyed hair if you do not wait long enough for the pigments to set it your hair. If you dye your hair and then go swimming what happens?

Chlorine is what happens. I know that I have said it multiple times already, but I want to drive the point home.

You have to wait at least 3 to 4 days before you go swimming so that the pigment can set in your hair. If you do not do that you take the risk of your hair color fading due to the oxidizing effect of your hair.

Now, there are some things that you can do to protect your hair from the chemicals in the pool and the saltwater in the ocean. Below is a section that tells you all about it.


How To Protect Newly Dyed Hair When Swimming


Luckily there are some things that you can do to help your hair avoid what happens if you dye your hair and then go swimming.

To protect your freshly dyed hair from chlorine, saltwater, and the sun, you can do a couple of things. The first thing that you can do is use coconut oil.


Use Of Coconut Oil


To prevent your hair from turning green after you started swimming in a pool, you can use coconut oil.

Coconut oil forms a thin film between your hair and the water. There’s always the risk of your hair turning a little green, but it does help significantly.

Just apply a couple of drops of coconut oil onto your hands and then distribute it all over your hair. Make sure you cover every inch of your hair and you should be good to go.

The film forms by the Coconut oil film between your hair and the water is so that the chemicals or salt can not penetrate the hair.

This can be a bit of a sticky solution, but everything is better than your hair fading because you took no precautions.


Wet Your Hair Before Swimming


Making your hair wet before you go into a pool is also a good thing to do. When you make your hair wet before you go into the pool.

You make sure that less chlorine is absorbed into your hair. So, ultimately, less effect of the chlorine on your hair. For ocean water, the same thing applies,

You can apply both of these tips for a wide variety of hair colors. As I said earlier, you can just rinse your hair with water before you go to the pool or the ocean.

Making your hair already wet can help because then your hair cannot absorb as much chlorine or salt and therefore it protects your hair from touching your preciously designed hairstyle.

It is also handy to rinse your hair after you’ve gotten out of the pool or ocean to rinse all the chemicals and salt out of your hair.


Sunscreen For Your Hair


You can spray sunscreen on your hair that contains filters that block UVA and UVB rays. This helps because these rays can affect the color of your hair.

But this is not the only thing, using sunscreen in your also reduces the effects chlorine has on your hair.


Use a Cleanser


The above solutions are all things that you can do without a “special product”, but there are lots of products on the market that are designed to remove chlorine and salt from your hair.

A good product to use is the Aveda Cleanser. This is a product that is safe for your colored hair, and it helps reverse what happens if you dye your hair and then go swimming.

This Alveda cleanser is a product with a chelator derived from corn. This product removes chlorine, salt, and product residues that are in the hair. This is done gently.

The product also contains tamanu oil and organic coconut oil. These oils help maintain the moisture balance in your hair. It also contains green tea, organic sunflower oil, and vitamin E to keep hair healthy.

A top product for people who want to protect their dyed hair against chlorine and salt. Great for on the beach or by the pool.


Shampoo For Colored Hair Without Sulfates


Using a shampoo for colored hair helps to restore the color while giving back the shine that fades when chlorine is at play.

Using a shampoo for colored hair also helps to hydrate the hair and gives it back some of its moisture. If you do this in combination with a deep hair mask treatment for extreme hair damages it will reverse what happens if you dye your and then go swimming.

If you take these tips into account I know for sure that you can enjoy full days on the beach and at a pool party.


Solutions For Discoloration Of Dyed Hair From Swimming In The Pool Or The Ocean


This thing is specially designed for the people that have dyed their hair blonde. When your hair turns green from swimming in the ocean or the pool, you need to do something about it.

Here is what you should do:

  • Mix 5 tablespoons of baking soda with water. Mix it with just enough water so that a thick paste is created.
  • Once you have done this I want you to put it on your hair and massage it in.
  • Let it sit for about 5 minutes and then rinse it out nicely.
  • Then wash your hair with a shampoo that is designed for colored hair and apply a hair mask.
  • If you do this 2 to 3 times a week you are going to see that the green is neutralized.



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If you dye your hair and then go swimming what will happen? it’s not convenient to go swimming after getting your hair dyed. The chlorine in a lot of pool water causes it to affect the pigment of your hair if it hasn’t been completely absorbed yet.

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