is it bad to use conditioner everyday

Is It Bad To Use Conditioner Everyday? YES or NO

Is it bad to use a conditioner every day? there is no simple answer to this question as not only do hair types differ but also the type of conditioner been applied to the hair.

Your hair type will decide the type of conditioner you apply to your hair and how often you apply it, as the effect of the type of conditioner may be more intense than the other.

Most hair types may require to use of a certain type of conditioner every day for effective treatment, while others once or twice a week.

Most time you may over-condition or under-condition your hair and may need to reduce or increase the frequency at which you apply the conditioner to your hair respectively.

The porosity of your hair can sometimes be a determinant as to how often you should use a certain type of conditioner to keep your hair moisturized.

Keep reading this article on is it bad to use conditioners every day, to get a better understanding as to how often you should be applying conditioners to your hair and why all of which we shall be discussing in this article.


Benefits Of Using Hair Conditioners


Before we dive into discussing how is it bad to use conditioners every day on your hair let’s first look into some of the benefits of using hair conditioners on your hair.

Hair conditioners are very important in our hair regimen. Our hair needs a good conditioner like you need air to breathe.

The importance of a good hair conditioner can’t be emphasized enough. If your wish is to have beautiful and healthy hair, then it must be part of your regimen.

Some of the benefits of a good hair conditioner include; it helps in detangling hair, moisturizes your hair, softens your hair, adds shine to the hair, helps repair damaged hair, and also reduces towel damages on the hair.


Helps in detangling


If you have thick and dense hair like mine that gets tangled easily, then you’ll appreciate how helpful a good conditioner is. Hair prone to tangling can be a nightmare to comb out.

I simply condition my hair before I even put a comb through it because I know it’s easier to detangle it after a few minutes with the conditioner on.

After a short while, the comb can easily pass through the hair with less resistance and little breakage. Failure to use a (good) conditioner is the perfect recipe for your hair to break as you struggle to detangle it.


Moisturizes the hair


Hair conditioners are products that are used to add moisture to your hair. They are usually used after the cleansing process since most types of shampoo can be really drying to your hair.

Specialists recommend adding conditioner to your hair care routine because it reduces the friction between strands of the hair and allows easier brushing or combing.

A good conditioner helps moisturize the hair. This is because of the ingredients in it that coat the hair strands sealing in the moisture. This explains why conditioners are best applied to wet hair.

Some of the ingredients contained in most conditioners like oils help to nourish both the hair strands and the scalp. Additionally, they reverse the damage done by dryness.


Softens the hair


When I condition my hair, I really love how soft it feels. It’s a surprise, given how coarse my hair tends to be. A good conditioner softens the hair making it more manageable and malleable in the process.

Conditioners soften the hair by infusing moisture into the hair strands. As a result, you can style your hair comfortably without having to deal with coarse hair.

After the detangling process mentioned above, there are no knots and tangles that can prevent combs and hairbrushes from moving smoothly along the hair shaft to give you the desired style. The softer hair provides flexible hold for your curly hair.


Add shine to the hair


I don’t like it when my hair is dull. I’m sure you don’t too. Dull hair looks so unhealthy and doesn’t compliment my overall look.

I love it when it’s shiny and full of life. I discovered that using a good conditioner adds more shine to my hair. It contains essential oils that coat all the hair strands making them glow and have more luster.


Helps Repair damaged hair


Another great benefit of using a hair conditioner is hair repair. For instance, people who are transitioning from chemically-treated hair to natural hair have two hair textures.

The relaxed part of the hair and the line of demarcation can really get dry and eventually lead to breakage.

Conditioners come in handy to replenish your hair strands by infusing some much-needed moisture. They soften and smooth your hair, making it look alive and shiny again.


Reduces towel damage on the hair


For some people, leaving the bathroom in a hurry means roughly running a towel through the hair to dry it. This causes more harm than good because towels tangle and can even break off hair strands.

Conditioning hair helps reduce the effects of drying your hair with a towel. The strands are stronger and can stand the stress.

Alternatively, you can start drying your hair using T-shirts as I did. I’ve reaped great benefits ever since I made the switch. It all depends on the conditioner you’re using.


Should You Apply Conditioner On Your Scalp


Now that you know some of the major benefits of a good conditioner, the area of focus on this article on “is it bad to use conditioner every day, which is shod you apply conditioner on your scalp?

The answer is yes, if you have naturally curly hair, you know how much it takes to keep it moisturized.

Curly hair tends to dry out faster because there are fewer natural moisturizing oils being produced to benefit the hair and scalp fully.

I enjoy conditioning my scalp because it easily gets dry and becomes too itchy, leading to irritation. A good conditioner leaves my scalp itch-free and feeling less tight due to dryness.

On the other hand, if you have a very oily scalp, then it’s best to only condition the tip and mid-length of your hair.

Avoid the scalp as much as you can. Conditioners contain essential oils that may result in a build-up on your scalp. This is because most natural oils will be concentrated on the roots of the hair.

Adding more through conditioners can easily clog your pores and cause your hair to be greasy in the process.


How Many Times a Week Should You Wash and Condition Your Hair?


In this part of the article, we will finally answer the question “is it bad to use conditioner every day” by educating you on how often you should wash and condition your hair in a week.

You should definitely use soap every day, as well as do your daily grooming routine. The reason has to do with sebum, the oil your scalp produces that nourishes your hair and keeps it from drying out.

Shampoo strips this away, which can dry out your follicles at their roots and weaken your hair. As a result, your body does into overdrive and produces more sebum, making your hair super oily.

If you shampoo less frequently, your scalp will balance itself out and find the sweet spot with the right amount of oil.

It will also improve frizzy hair, make it easier to style with the product, lessen breakage, make your hair look healthy and shiny, and even help with hair loss.

There’s always an exception to the rule, however, and guys with oily hair may need to shampoo more frequently. You’re the best judge of that, so it’s important to know your hair and what it needs.


Rinse with water


For those of us that work out daily, or get overly sweaty in the warmer months, only washing two or three times a week may sound like a bad idea.

But you’ll find that rinsing your hair with warm water, and exfoliating your scalp by rubbing and scratching it, actually does the trick.

That’ll clear away dead skin flakes, dirt, and most of the excess oil, while still leaving enough for your hair to get the nourishing benefits it needs to stay healthy.

Plus a bit of salt in your hair from sweat will give you some texture not unlike “surfer’s hair” with a bit of product, you’ve got yourself a guaranteed good hair day.


Think of the conditioner separately


Most of us think shampoo and conditioner are an iconic duo in the vein of Bonnie and Clyde, Holmes and Watson, and fish and chips but that’s not actually the case.

While your hair does need both, they don’t need to be used at the same time. Unlike shampoo, conditioner can be used every day, as it re-hydrates hair and replenishes nutrients.

You might also want to consider conditioning on the days you don’t shampoo (remember, keep that to two or three days a week). It’ll help rinse away grime on the non-shampoo days, and re-hydrate following a shampoo.

When it comes to conditioning, again, knowing your hair is key. If you’ve got an oily scalp, the excess sebum produce will act as a natural conditional, so your hair is less likely to dry out.

It can take a bit of time and a few attempts to figure out the right routine and frequency for you, but it’s worth breaking away from the daily shampoo and conditioner routine we’ve all become accustomed to your hair will thank you.



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In conclusion, is it bad to use a conditioner every day? It all depends on your type of hair and the type of conditioner you’re planning to use. If your hair is dry and brittle, hair stylists recommend that you use conditioner regularly.

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