Protein Free Deep Conditioner For Low Porosity Hair

Protein Free Deep Conditioner For Low Porosity Hair

The relationship between protein and low porosity hair very sensitive topic of interest in the hair care community, this has led to hair lovers seeking protein-free deep conditioners for low porosity hair.

Well, moisturizing low porosity hair is kind of like that. That’s why nourishing deep conditioners are a regular essential.

Not all deep conditioners are tailor-made to fit low porosity hair’s needs. In fact, many of them contain protein, one of its biggest watch-outs.


Protein Free Deep Conditioner For Low Porosity Hair


What Is Low Porosity Hair?


Before I talk about any protein-free deep conditioner for low porosity hair, let’s first look at why this type of hair doesn’t like excess protein.

Porosity refers to how well hair can absorb and retain moisture because of how “porous” the cuticle is. High porosity hair has more holes in the hair shaft, so moisture goes in very easily.

On the other hand, if you have low porosity hair, it means that the cuticles are tightly packed that there’s little room for moisture to seep into the hair strand.

It’s hard even just to get the hair wet right away in the shower because water typically beads up on the hair for a while before completely drenching it.

One trick you can do to see if you have low porosity hair is the strand test. Get a glass of water, drop a clean strand of hair in it, and wait around 30 minutes.

If the hair floats and sits on the surface, you probably have low porosity hair that doesn’t open up and absorb water. If the strands sink, you have high porosity hair.


Protein And Low Porosity Hair


Now let’s talk about low porosity hair’s complicated relationship with protein. Protein is awesome for porous hair because it fills in gaps in the cuticle to “repair” it and make the hair shaft stronger.

But low porosity hair doesn’t have gaps, just overlapping cuticles. It’s closed shut as it is, and all protein will do is create a thick, hardened coating around the hair without penetrating or repairing anything.

It just sits there, causing product build-up. This is called protein overload and can lead to dry, stiff, straw-like hair without any shine or luster.

The hair also sheds more and snaps off easily. Instead of repairing the hair, the suffocating coating of protein actually makes the hair more brittle.

So if you have low porosity hair, try and space out your protein treatments to avoid ending up with straw-like hair.

If your hair is generally healthy and hasn’t suffered any kind of damage in the recent past, you may want to steer clear of protein-rich ingredients like keratin, wheat, soy, quinoa, and amino acids.


Benefits Of Using Moisturizing Deep Conditioners On Low Porosity Hair


We can not go into discussing protein-free deep conditioners for low porosity hair without first knowing the benefits of moisturizing deep conditioning on low porosity hair.

Because it’s tricky to moisturize low porosity hair, it’s prone to dryness and dullness, but it isn’t all bad news. It’s difficult for moisture to get into the cuticle, but once moisture does penetrate the hair, it retains it quite well.

That’s why the key to deep conditioning low porosity hair is looking for ingredients with penetrative properties and sink deep into the hair.

These gorgeous ingredients include coconut oil, argan oil, and shea butter, all known to penetrate the hair strands and nourish them from the inside out.

Always make sure the deep conditioner has water as one of the key ingredients. Another thing you can do to help deep conditioners penetrate the hair is to add heat.

Heat opens up the cuticle, so using a hooded steamer during your hair mask session will give you a leg up.

Using ultra-moisturizing deep conditioners promotes hair elasticity and bounciness, giving your mane more life and movement. Properly moisturized hair is healthily flexible and is able to stretch without snapping.

The right deep conditioner will also give the hair the luster and shine it needs to glow naturally, without looking greasy. Moisture will also make the hair smooth and silky soft to the touch.


Here are my top three picks for the best protein-free deep conditioner for low porosity hair:


TGIN Honey Miracle Hair Mask Deep Conditioner With Raw Honey & Olive Oil


The secret to optimal moisture is to get a deep conditioner with a humectant, which draws hydration into the hair, and rich, beautiful oils to lock all that goodness in. That’s exactly what this honey and olive oil mask does for dry, damaged hair.

Raw honey is a humectant and is known to hydrate the hair immensely. It makes the hair shiny without ever leaving it greasy or waxy.

On the other hand, jojoba and olive oils moisturize the hair and lock all that hydration in. These nourishing oils also heal significantly damaged hair.

I’m in love with the great texture of this mask, it’s thick yet buttery. It controls frizz too, so styling your hair is a breeze. Its major downside is that it contains silicones, which can build up and dry out the hair.


The Curl Junkie Curl Rehab Moisturizing Hair Treatment


Another option for curly girls in this line of deep conditioners by Curl Junkie. It’s made from natural shea and cocoa butter and jojoba oil to deeply nourish the hair.

It also has aloe leaf juice and other gorgeous herbs to strengthen the hair and give it shine and softness. Although it’s an ultra-hydrating mask, it’s still lightweight in texture, so it doesn’t weigh the hair down.

In fact, it’s versatile enough to be used as a leave-in conditioner during the day as well. My favorite part about this line of super moisturizing hair treatments is that it comes in a range of sweet and decadent scents.

If you love gourmand scents, go for the strawberry ice cream one. And if you like fresh, tropical aromas, there’s a gardenia and coconut variant too.

The downside to this is that it’s not very moisturizing for some hair types.


Alikay Naturals Avocado Cream Moisture Repairing Hair Mask


Just because you have to avoid protein, it doesn’t mean you can’t take steps to nourish and repair your hair at the same time.

This hair mask by Alikay Naturals contains avocado, peppermint oil, and burdock root to hydrate the hair while keeping it strong and healthy.

The mask’s star ingredient is avocado, which is high in beta-carotene and essential fats that are incredibly moisturizing. This adds a natural shine to the hair as well, for a pretty glow.

Avocado is also rich in Vitamin E, a tried and tested nutrient for hair repair. This reduces breakage and makes the hair more resilient.

Peppermint oil and burdock rootwork hand in hand to stimulate the scalp, therefore promoting hair growth.


Obia Naturals Babassu Deep Conditioner


Protein isn’t the only thing that can strengthen and reconstruct hair. If you look hard enough, you’ll find a moisturizing oil that does that too. Babassu oil is one of them.

This deep conditioner by Obia Naturals is strand-strengthening and, at the same time, locks in hydration with a blend of gorgeous natural oils.

These include avocado and rosemary essential oils. It also contains rice bran oil that protects the hair from free radicals that can damage it.

This mask provides the two things that dry, low porosity hair needs – fortification without the risk of protein overload and healthy elasticity for shiny hair.

And while it’s not as slippery as other masks, the soft and silky feel after rinse-out is more than worth it.


Jessicurl Deep Conditioning Treatment


This is another protein free deep conditioner for low porosity hair that will leave your tresses thoroughly hydrated.

Curly and especially oily hair is very prone to dryness and coupled with the predicament of being low in porosity, it becomes a tougher challenge to hydrate it. If this sounds like a problem of yours, Jessicurl’s deep conditioning treatment is made just for you.

This mask combines rich and ultra-moisturizing shea and cocoa butter with the very moisturizing avocado oil to give you the intense hydration that your curly hair needs to be restored.

These ingredients are able to penetrate deep into the hair shaft to provide hydration from the inside. The texture is very thick, which is perfect for your hair that needs a lot more moisture than the average low porosity girl.

It also contains aloe vera, a humectant that draws even more hydration into your curls. If a lot of it is used, the hair may feel a bit weighed down because of the heavy oils.


As I Am Hydration Elation Intensive Conditioner


Replenishing moisture in coils and curls is one thing, but it’s another to make them bouncy, springy, and vivacious.

This intensive conditioner from As I Am does that perfectly.

The deep conditioner is made from a combination of coconut oil and shea butter, along with other natural ingredients, to deeply nourish the hair to make it soft and smooth.

It also has vitamin E that fortifies the hair, making it strong and resilient to damage and breakage.

Herbal botanicals like green tea, apple, and lemon stimulate the scalp and the hair roots to promote hair growth.

They also give this conditioner a sweet, refreshing, lightly fruity scent that is to die for. Its major disadvantage is that it doesn’t deeply moisturize some hair types.


Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner


If you’re looking for a protein free deep conditioner for low porosity hair that also acts as a great detangler, this Mixed Chicks deep conditioner will do the job.

It’s infused with safflower oil, which penetrates the hair shaft and reconstructs damaged areas. This oil is rich in vitamin E, which strengthens the hair, prevents free radical damage, and hydrates the scalp that means no more dandruff issues too.

It’s amazing at detangling the hair, which is why I recommend it for coily and curly hair patterns that are prone to having tangles.

It leaves the hair soft and easy to maintain, without an overdose of oils that leave you feeling sticky. The moisturizing power may not be that intensive for some curly/coily hair types.



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Finally, if you’ve gone through this article thoroughly, you now know the best protein free deep conditioner for low porosity hair, should you be in search of protein free deep conditioning for your hair.

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